April Moon

(lead and harmony vocals, guitar, and bass) is no doubt the most fun member of the band. April sometimes acts extra wild and crazy to scare us but we don’t notice the slight change in her personality. She loves to make beautiful music and knows the difference. She is smart and she cares. Her heart and soul are expressed in her music and its beauty. April loves her closest friends and often has written risqué’ lyrics which almost never get performed. If you think she is beautiful wait until you hear her sing.

Don Paine

(fiddle, clawhammer banjo, guitar, vocals, harmony vocals) is the most musically serious member of the band. He sets his alarm for 6:00 AM every morning (even weekends) to learn fiddle tunes. Don has been married to April long enough that he should know better. He can play the violin better than anyone has ever known. His language is the music and his music is his language.

Don Kaufman

(Guitar, Bass, and Vocals) "..lends an amazing vocal talent to the group..(should I sing bass or tenor on this one?), is a dead ringer for Hank, an improvement on Cash and could send Skaggs to the locker room. In addition, has a propensity for writing vocal tunes with an edge..that makes the band glad he's also a lawyer in his other life. He's a shameless promoter, runs the website and never fails to mention that he is playing the "first" guitar which Don Paine built.

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